The Official Launch of TubNet

This Friday, November 25, content creator Toby “Tubbo” Smith, with the support of Misfits Gaming Group (MGG), will officially launch TubNet, the highly-anticipated cross-platform Minecraft server that aims to provide a fun and engaging community space to gather, talk, and play exciting original content. 

Minecraft–enjoyed by over 126 million active players–is a top 5 game in the world, grossing more than $230 million to date and is currently the number 1 watched game on YouTube, totaling over 1 trillion views.  The introduction and adoption of the Bedrock console edition has recently removed the majority of the platform segmentation, allowing most players to participate in this expansive world created for builders, explorers & developers regardless of their preferred gaming platform.  However, up until this point players from the PC Java edition of Minecraft have been unable to participate in cross-play unless they converted to the Bedrock edition themselves.

With the launch of the TubNet server, the team will leverage new technology to enable Minecrafters still running the PC Java edition to fully participate in all that New Block City offers–making TubNet a true first of its kind server, capable of universal cross-play.

Today the top ten (10) Minecraft servers in the world average around 6,700 concurrent users daily.  Given the universal cross-play functionality of TubNet, coupled with an immersive new world and exciting and engaging new mini game, projections are expecting the average daily concurrent user base to be 10x the size, around 70,000 users.

“We brought Toby into the Misfits family earlier this year and were excited to partner with him and his team to continue pouring every possible resource into his mission to build TubNet as an radically new, immersive and innovative Minecraft experience,” said Ben Spoont, co-founder and CEO of Misfits Gaming Group.  “I can’t wait for players to build in, interact with and enjoy everything this world has to offer, and we at Misfits can’t wait to continue helping ambitious creators build exciting new projects through our recently announced $20 Million Creator Fund.” 

“I started building TubNet 4 years ago, and I’m so excited to finally share what we’ve created,” said Toby ‘Tubbo’ Smith, Founder of TubNet and content creator. “I’ve always wanted to make a server that adds to the player experience by putting creativity and the player first. I also wanted to build something that’s fun and accessible to everyone, no matter how you play. That’s what I wanted to create with TubNet.” 

Anchoring TubNet’s identity is a big, fun, energetic city–known as New Block. Within this urban sprawl, we drive home the experience of what a citizen in our city would feel by filling every corner with life and vigor. We implement crucial features into a player’s gameplay to make them feel like they are a part of the city.

Here are some of the games players can explore at launch, with more slated to be introduced at a regular cadence:

Crystal Rush 

Each player begins on a small island suspended in the sky with few materials to defend themselves with. Players must collect Crystals that are used to purchase weapons, tools and blocks that can be used to build their way to other people’s islands.
The goal of the game is to build your way to other players’ islands to destroy your opponents’ crystals and defeat enemy players. Players will continue to respawn until their crystal is destroyed by an opponent.

Light Strike 

A strategic, team-based game in which there are two groups of players, ‘Placers’ and ‘Breakers’.  The Placers have an item called the ‘STAR’ which they must plant within the map and defend from the Breakers whose objective is to remove the STAR before its timer counts down to zero. 


A leisure game that emphasises player creativity, Spacebound encourages players to build their own rocket with the ambition of winning races against other players’ rockets. There are many variables that affect how players can win these games, from decisions on what kinds of materials, parts and other factors they can use. Players can obtain the materials used to build their rockets by completing missions and races. 

Kraft Heinz is also partnering with TubNet at its launch and they will be promoting their Lunchables brand. Additionally, from now until the end of the year, the lobby will feature the TubNet Media Player which will allow players to engage with a user-initiated video that opens up a video and rewards players with an in-game item after each completed view

Misfits Gaming Group is on a mission to partner with top creators from the gaming and streaming community and work with them to build projects they’re passionate about. TubNet is the first of many new projects and priorities in this lane. 

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