Misfits Gaming: Vainglory Update

It’s been some time since we last set foot in the Vainglory Esports world, that makes our comeback even sweeter. Please welcome our latest additions to #TheHerd: Kevin “Krully” Aguino – Jungler Clayton “AllyPeterson” Heath – Support Thomas “Jazville” Flores – Laner A statement from Vainglory Manager, Alex “W7NGS” Zendejas: After weeks of shuffling we […]

Overwatch Roster Update

Today we announce the departure of Jonathan “Larsson” from the starting lineup and the departure of Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson to C9. We wish them both the best of luck! That being said we’re incredibly excited to finally announce our starting lineup in time for Overwatch Contenders Season 1. (Which kicks off this week!) We’ve picked […]