MOUNTAIN Embarks on Esports Journey in Exclusive Deal with Misfits Gaming Group

MOUNTAIN’s esports splash showcases cutting-edge gaming hardware

MOUNTAIN, developer of innovative, first-class peripheral devices with user-centric design to enable gamers to achieve maximum performance, has taken its first step into the esports market by becoming the official keyboard, mouse, and mousepad partner across all teams at Misfits Gaming Group (MGG).  MGG, a global esports and entertainment leader, will become the first esports team to partner with MOUNTAIN.

Each pro athlete will receive a MOUNTAIN Everest keyboard dualed with a Makalu 67 mouse and high-performance mousepad across all three franchised esports leagues: Riot Games’ League of Legends European Championship (Misfits Gaming), Activision-Blizzard’s Overwatch League (Florida Mayhem), and Activision-Blizzard’s Call of Duty League (Florida Mutineers).  

In gaming, peripherals are an integral part of the culture and overall experience. Everest’s patented innovation — including keyboard personalization, removable numpad and media dock, changeable display keys and Base Camp™ customization software — brings a unique edge that players can utilize in this transcending industry. 

“Misfits Gaming Group is one of the most exciting esports organizations and their vision very much aligns with what we are doing at MOUNTAIN”, stated Tobias Brinkmann, CEO & Founder of Mountain. “We have been working on our gaming peripherals for the last two years with the focus on releasing user-centric products that allow gamers to perform at their very best. Our Everest keyboard and Makalu 67 mouse have been developed from the ground up to enable gamers to perform at their peak, and we’re really excited to see them in action.”

For pro gamers, a mouse and keyboard are just as important as the physical PC’s they play on.  The significance of these products can be overlooked, yet can mean all the difference to a player’s performance in a sport that comes down to milliseconds, which is why MOUNTAIN’s precision with the Everest keyboard and Makalu 67 mouse provides the vantage these players need. In addition to the advanced capabilities of the Everest keyboard, the Makalu 67 mouse is the first mouse to use the PixArt PAW3370 sensor: an adjustable optical gaming sensor with up to 19000 DPI, half the error rate compared to 3389, and up to 3x lower lift-off-distance. 

“This keyboard is insane!” said Oskar “Vander” Bogdan, League of Legends support player for Misfits Gaming’s LEC team. “I’ve been using it for just over a week now, and everything feels great from the customizability included in the package, to the way the keyboard performs in-game.”

In addition to the revolutionary, fully customizable Everest keyboard and Makalu 67 mouse, MOUNTAIN ensures these premium products are packaged in a design that fits their audience.  The reusable packaging design was built entirely from scratch with the customer experience central to the process.  Users will see the brand’s product story sketched on the inside of the packaging box, giving them their first glimpse of a whole new gaming experience. MOUNTAIN also partners with Plastic Bank to show its commitment to the environment and sustainability.

“We are laser focused on building partnerships with innovators like MOUNTAIN who are committed on so many different levels to change the game in our industry,” said Vas Roberts, VP of Partnerships for MGG.  “While keyboards and mice may seem trivial to some, we know the right technology and hardware can take our teams to the next level.”

Founded in 2018 and only being active in the market since March 2020, MOUNTAIN has obtained over 1.6 million influencer followers and one million video review views.  By the numbers, 84% of Gen Z and Millennial males say it is cool to play video games, and 71% agree that they would call themselves a gamer. As the esports industry continues to assert itself as a consistent player in the lifestyle and entertainment industry, esports leagues and teams are also looking to capitalize on establishing themselves as existing brands and cultivate a growing fanbase. 

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