Misfits Overwatch News: Welcome Mineral to Misfits

When we assembled this team back in December, we took on the task of putting together a new fresh six-man lineup with players stemming from various backgrounds, and with different amounts of experience. We’ve participated in IEM Gyeonggi, APEX Season 2, and most recently the European Overwatch Pit, and after every tournament we’ve made internal changes based on what we believe will improve the team moving forward, including things such as playstyle changes and team role swaps. Today however, we’ve decided to make a roster change.

Zave departs the team as our main support player, and in comes Mineral, that could be last seen playing for Luminosity Loyal over in the North American scene. Mineral is an experienced player that joins us with great game understanding, and most importantly leadership and shotcall qualities. The change comes after we’ve noticed a lack of consistency in our performance as a team, following there being no true leader to guide us while in-game, and we hope that with this player change, and a main shotcaller in Mineral, we can play more in unison with each other, as Overwatch is slowly developing towards a more team-work and engagement-oriented game, rather than simply a display of individual prowess.

We want to thank Zave for his time and contributions to Misfits!

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