Misfits Joins VALORANT!

This week, we reached a huge new milestone for Misfits Gaming Group as we announced our entry into VALORANT esports with Misfits Black, who will compete in NA VCT Game Changers. This is the first time Misfits Gaming Group will field a competitive roster of female and non-male players.

We welcome to the MGG family: Mady – ‘MadySmacks’, Nina – ‘Vernina’, Chloe – ‘Chloe’, Presley – ‘Slandy’ and Luna – ‘Lunafox’, with coach Chris Yong. They are some of the most promising VALORANT players coming out of the North American competitive scene and we can’t wait for them to take the stage together as Misfits Black.

VALORANT is quickly becoming one of the largest esports FPS titles, and we’re excited to be entering the scene with Misfits Black,” said Albert Yeh, President of Gaming Operations at Misfits Gaming Group. “We want to do things differently with Misfits Black – we want to be part of the change for the wider esports industry and nurture and develop our players to compete at the highest level possible. Our immediate goal is to make a splash in VCT Game Changers and we’re providing them with the full support and resources available to us at Misfits”

The 2022 VCT NA Game Changers begins on March 31.

Follow our team here:

MadySmacks – Twitter, Instagram
Vernina – Twitter, Instagram
Chloe – Twitter
Slandy – Twitter
Lunafox – Twitter
Coach Chris Yong – Twitter

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