Misfits Gaming wins LFL Summer Split

Misfits Gaming secured their first notable competition win of 2020 by defeating Gamers Origin in the LFL Grand Finals. The trophy was held high by Ronaldo, Agresivoo, and Kirei after a surprisingly swift series. But the journey definitely wasn’t easy, and nobody, including us, could have predicted the events leading up to the main event. 

Misfits Premier made a huge splash in early 2019 with aggressive solo laners like Dan Dan, Lider, and Hiiva hitting The Rift. As the 2019 roster graduated to our LEC squad and others joined new teams, fresh faces joined our 2020 LFL family – Agresivoo, Kirei, Ronaldo, Jezu, and Targamas. Despite significant growth throughout the year, both Spring Split and Summer Split ended with losses to Gamers Origin in the semifinals. But thankfully, the French National League hosts a Grand Final for the two most consistently performing teams of the year, called the Coupe de France – our last chance to get revenge on Gamers Origin. 

In the weekend leading up to the finals, our French superstar Jezu caught COVID-19 and would be too sick to play on Monday. After reaching out to Team Vitality, Saken would take his place in mid lane, while Ronaldo (the roleswap king) would play ADC. Agresivoo, Kirei, and Ronaldo travelled to Monaco with Saken and Targamas playing from home. 

Despite only 25% of fans voting for Misfits to win the event due to last minute roster swaps, we defeated Gamers Origin in a quick 3-0 series. Jezu lent his god-like ADC powers to Ronaldo who became the star player of the finals. But ADCs in 2020 rely on a good team, and Agresivoo, Kirei, Saken, and Targamas all contributed to our confident victory. Kirei’s Nidalee and Agresivoo’s Renekton made for some wild outplays that you can find on O’Gaming LoL’s Twitter. 

With Martin “Deficio” Lynge recently joining MGG as the Director of Misfits EU, our 2021 League of Legends rosters are being crafted as we speak. Looking forward, Agresivoo, Kirei, Ronaldo, Jezu, and Targamas will continue to prove that they’re at the top of their game and are hungry for more success.

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