Misfits Gaming: Vainglory Update

It’s been some time since we last set foot in the Vainglory Esports world, that makes our comeback even sweeter.

Please welcome our latest additions to #TheHerd:

  • Kevin “Krully” Aguino – Jungler
  • Clayton “AllyPeterson” Heath – Support
  • Thomas “Jazville” Flores – Laner

A statement from Vainglory Manager, Alex “W7NGS” Zendejas:

After weeks of shuffling we are finally able to work with the newest Misfits in The Herd. I am excited to work with the roster to secure a challenge battle slot next split and reclaim our spot in the Vainglory 8!

You can very soon see our new Rabbits fight in the VIS Challengers Autumn Split 2, kicking off today!

Follow our games at 5PM PDT over at live.misfitsgaming.gg/vainglory

#MSFVG is back!

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