Misfits Gaming Group Valorant Invitational

When we joined the VALORANT competitive scene earlier this year with Misfits Black, we made a commitment to help accelarate the development and growth of female and non-binary talent. In order for women and non-binary players to keep honing their skills, they need opportunities to compete at a high level, including opportunities to compete with male players, which is why we’re excited to launch our first-ever Misfits Gaming Group VALORANT Invitational on August 22-23rd. 

The VALORANT Invitational series will bring together a competitive mix of female/non-binary and male players on coed teams. We wanted to create this series in order to provide more opportunities for emerging talent to compete at a high level, and we believe that playing alongside male players creates a different opportunity to that provided by VCT Game Changers. It’s important to continue building these opportunities for female and non-binary players so that they can keep growing their skills, and give new players more access to the competitive circuit. 

So how does it work? The captains of each team will be VCT Game Changers players and there will be a total of 8 teams with a minimum of 2 male players and 3 female/non-binary players. Teams will compete in double-elimination BO3 matches over 2 days, and the total prize pool for the event is $20,000. Players will have to be ranked at least Immortal 1 to compete, and there will be a limit of 2 members from the same professional team for team drafts. 

The tournament will be broadcast live on the MGG Twitch channel from 2PM ET, and selected players will also stream from their accounts. For more information about the tournament including teams and results, keep an eye on our MGG twitter

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