Misfits Gaming Group Launches ‘Women of Misfits’ Platform with Focus on Mentorship, Development, Network, Advocacy

Misfits Gaming Group (MGG), a global esports and entertainment leader, announced today their ‘Women of Misfits’ platform with the focus on four core pillars: Mentorship, Development, Network and Advocacy.  The platform will include a series of monthly guest speakers and the first four confirmed are: Chris Evert, 18-time Grand Slam singles champion and tennis legend, GloZell Green, Comedian and YouTuber; Bianca Smith, the first Black woman to serve as a professional baseball coach; Angela Ruggiero, CEO and Co-Founder of Sports Innovation Lab and 4x Olympian and Gold Medalist for the USA Hockey team; and Maya Enista Smith, Executive Director of the Born This Way Foundation. 

The platform will be led by female executives within MGG including:

  • Chief Development Officer Hillary Matchett 
  • President, Media & Branding Ella Pravetz 
  • Chief Revenue Officer Lagen Nash 
  • President, Misfits Agency Amy Palmer 
  • VP of Communications Becca Henry
  • Chief Wellness Adviser Carolyn Rubenstein, PhD
  • Co-Founder Laurie Silvers

The Women of Misfits platform includes a monthly speaker series with industry leaders and visionaries which will air on MGG’s YouTube channel. The sessions will be moderated by MGG executives and guest speakers will share topics that matter to them and inspire both the gaming community and women to pursue their dreams. The platform is designed to inspire innovation, creativity, and empowerment amongst females within the sports and gaming community.

“I am truly inspired and amazed with our women at MGG and their many accomplishments and eager to watch this platform ascend.  The determination and dedication to push one another to break the boundaries as women within the esports industry is remarkable, and I am confident this platform will resonate not only within MGG, but also within our wider community,” CEO and co-founder of Misfits Gaming Group, Ben Spoont said. 

Mentorship is the first core pillar in the initiative. Women at MGG will be paired with female mentors throughout the organization who will provide guidance and advice for career advancement by maximizing potential and achieving goals. The second core pillar in the initiative is development, where it will focus on the inspiration and motivation of the women of MGG through a monthly series of speakers with influential female thought leaders from a variety of different backgrounds.  

“We are incredibly excited with the endless opportunities these first two pillars represent.  We want women to feel inspired and motivated to succeed with trusted mentors at their side cheering them on.  Additionally, to hear from influential females who are trailblazing their paths to success through diverse sets of experience is tremendous and we’re excited to kick things off with our first line-up of speakers,” said MGG Vice President of Communications Becca Henry.

Network is the third core component in this initiative and offers the opportunity to facilitate connections between the women of MGG and others to share experiences, collaborate on ideas, and build support groups.  The last pillar in this initiative highlights advocacy as the Women of MGG are not only supporting women inside the organization but are also committed to the wider industry as well.

“Our network within MGG expands beyond esports and gaming to traditional sports and corporate America and that is something we will utilize. In addition, we want to draw attention to the inequalities women face within the workplace and esports industry and celebrate initiatives that are working to drive change,” MGG Chief Revenue Officer Lagen Nash said.

Women are a prevalent part of the esports and gaming landscape.  Nearly 40% of all gamers are female with 80% of them being 18 or older.  The ‘Women of Misfits’ initiative will provide a space for women to discuss ideas and be inspired by influential women both inside and outside the organization in addition to supporting the growth and development of women within MGG. 

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