Misfits Gaming and Intel Provide Grassroots Esports Opportunities with the Misfits Academy

Misfits Gaming Group (MGG) have collaborated with Intel on their new grassroots esports program, the Misfits Academy – a recurring competitive series that focuses on finding the emerging stars of the industry on stage, on camera and behind the camera. 

The Misfits Academy uniquely focuses on several key areas within the esports industry: Competitive Gaming, Content Creation, Graphic Design and Video Editing. Each month, one key focus area is selected and the competition ranges from a series of tournaments to creative submissions. At the end of each competition, winners receive a short-term contract to work at MGG in their specialized field, and they will have a chance to go through a specifically tailored Bootcamp to experience what it’s like to work at a top tier esports organization. 

MGG is an organization renowned for finding and developing new talent on a professional level. From rookies to creators, MGG has grown some of the biggest stars in the industry to-date, so they are well-equipped to support the next generation of talent. With the exponential growth of esports, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for emerging talent at the grassroots level to break into the industry. By launching the Misfits Academy, MGG aims to be the organization that provides opportunities for not only aspiring pro players, but creatives as well who play an increasingly important role in the industry as it continues to evolve.

The Misfits Academy kicked off the first round of competition in January with a Fortnite tournament to find the best players in the community.  The players who came out on top joined MGG and have been part of the organization for the past few months and took part in the Intel Training Grounds Bootcamp to learn more about what it takes to be a pro. In February, the Graphic Design and Video Editing competition ran, which saw an impressive amount of entries from the community. Winners from the Creative competition will be seamlessly integrated into the in-house creative team at MGG, with the opportunity to work on creative projects for the 3 franchised teams at MGG. The last competition before the cycle starts again is Content Creation, which will be active for the month of March and task creators with showcasing 

“The Misfits Academy is our commitment to the next generation of talent in the esports industry. Whether you’re an aspiring pro player, or a creative artist with the potential to reshape the industry, there’s so much passion and talent in our community,” said Vas Roberts, SVP of Partnerships at Misfits Gaming Group. “Intel is a natural fit to power the Misfits Academy. They are committed to grassroots development, and their products power the esports world on every single level. We’re excited to collaborate with them on this exciting new initiative that will elevate future stars.”

“Intel is incredibly focused on investing in the grassroots gaming community and very excited to be working with Misfits Gaming on their Misfits Academy,” said Marcus Kennedy, General Manager of Intel’s Gaming and Esports Segment. “Having the opportunity to support creators and aspiring pro-gamers as they level-up their careers is crucial to the growth of the industry. We have seen some incredible talent come from the first round of the competition and are thrilled to see who rises to the top in future competitions!”

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