Misfits Gaming 2021 League of Legends Team Changes

Misfits Gaming 2021 League of Legends Team Changes

As we look forward to 2021, we’re excited to share upcoming changes to the Misfits Gaming roster for both our LEC and LFL teams. For the 2021 season, we’ll be fielding a mixture of rookies and veterans on each roster to bring energy, experience, and balance to both teams. It’s our goal to build these talented rookies into stars through consistent training and development, provided by the experienced players on the team and the Misfits support staff around them. 

Our LEC roster for 2021 consists of seven players, with two players for both Top and Support. Here’s a breakdown of the roster.

Throughout the 2020 season, Agresivoo demonstrated his strength and determination as a player on Misfits Premier. He’s a rookie with potential, and we want to see him competing at the highest level. We also wanted to bring on an additional Top laner to help push Agresivoo and keep driving forward the strength of our Top lane as a team. We decided on HiRit, who has previously played for LDLC, and most recently 1907 Fenerbahçe where he worked with our LEC Head Coach, Enatron. We knew we wanted a rookie in the Mid Lane, so we turned our focus to the ERLs to identify fresh talent from Europe. We were impressed by Vetheo – he won EU Masters in spring 2020 with LDLC and has consistently been at the top of the LFL.

Returning for 2021, Razork in Jungle and Kobbe as AD Carry. Razork is a great role model for our new players with his rookie of the split win, and Kobbe’s competitive experience is valuable to the entire team as a whole. In the Support role, we have our final two players. Denyk will be returning for 2021 and he will be joined by the talented veteran, Vander. The two players will work together to support the team both in-game and IRL through assisting the coaching staff. Denyk is a great leader, and Vander brings a wealth of experience to the team. We’re excited to begin training together, first online and then together as a team.

It’s also important that we continue to have a strong academy team to keep challenging our LEC players, stay at the top of the LFL, and compete in EU Masters. We’re excited to welcome a roster of new players for 2021, again with a combination of veterans and rookies. Shlatan joins us in the jungle from K1CK Neosurf, and competed in both EU Masters events in 2020. Sertuss joins from Schalke Evolution, where he too competed in both 2020 EU Masters events. Next to them are two talented veterans who need no introduction – Woolite and Jactroll.

We’ve changed the structure of our coaching team for 2021. Hatchy will be the overall Head Coach for Misfits Gaming, where he will oversee the coaching staff for both teams. For the LEC, Enatron will take the lead Head Coach, with Candyfloss as Strategic Coach. Xani is the new Head Coach for Misfits Premier and F1re is staying with us as the overall Analyst for Misfits Gaming.

We can’t wait for the 2021 season to start, see you soon!

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