Misfits Gaming 2021 League of Legends Team Changes

Misfits Gaming 2021 League of Legends Team Changes As we look forward to 2021, we’re excited to share upcoming changes to the Misfits Gaming roster for both our LEC and LFL teams. For the 2021 season, we’ll be fielding a mixture of rookies and veterans on each roster to bring energy, experience, and balance to […]

Misfits Gaming wins LFL Summer Split

Misfits Gaming secured their first notable competition win of 2020 by defeating Gamers Origin in the LFL Grand Finals. The trophy was held high by Ronaldo, Agresivoo, and Kirei after a surprisingly swift series. But the journey definitely wasn’t easy, and nobody, including us, could have predicted the events leading up to the main event.  […]

Welcome, Kobbe!

It’s time to come home, Kobbe… Welcome to Misfits Gaming! Kasper returns to the EU fold after spending Spring Split on the roster of LCS titans, TSM. “Excited to be a part of Misfits and return to EU. Thank you for the support and positive messages during these times, made a huge difference :)” – […]