Bienvenue à la Baguette! sOAZ joins Misfits Gaming

We are excited to announce that Paul ‘sOAZ’ Boyer will be joining the 2019 Misfits Gaming roster. sOAZ is a veteran player with multiple EU LCS titles and World Championship showings under his belt. Joining us from Fnatic, he brings a wealth of experience and skill to Misfits and we can’t wait for him to be part of the team.

Paul ‘SoaZ’ Boyer said: ‘I’m very excited for next year, to play with my new teammate and organisation. I told Misfits about my plans and what I want to do and we have the same vision in terms of building a strong roster and going as far as possible at Worlds.

Joseph ‘Innerflame’ El Ouassi, Chief Gaming Officer for Misfits said: Paul is an incredible League of Legends player, and he had the titles to back up his success. There aren’t many players that could live up to the title of ‘best player in the west’,  but with 8 EU LCS finals, of which he won 5, and 6 appearances at Worlds, with 2 finals showings, he’s leading the pack. His depth of experience and knowledge will help Misfits dominate the LEC and onto Worlds.

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