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Event rules

  • Platform: PC only.
  • Region: NA East & NA West (Players competing must reside in the United States/Canada in order to compete)
  • Players must note that they may experience lag playing in different regions as the tournaments will happen on NA-East/West servers. 
  • Minimum age to participate: All players must be at least 13 years old at the date of the tournament in order to participate.
  • All participants must be Invited and Verified via discord Yunite bot.
  • Participants will download and use all required software to provide proper tracking, scoring, and statistics for the administrative team.
  • Participants should keep the replay files at least three days after the tournament if possible, in case the tournament admins need it.
  • The Misfits team may alter the rules at any moment prior to the start of the Misfits Academy Series.
  • The correct usage of any function and/or bot used to process the tournament is the responsibility of the players.
  • Must sign-up trough website form and agree to receive emails from Misfits Gaming Group.

Start date 01/08/2021

North America East starts at 5PM EST.

North America West stats at 5PM PST.

If there’s anything you want to ask about the project please mail

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