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Event rules

  • Fill out the sign up form on the left and join our discord server
  • Creators have to submit a video on any social media with #MisfitsAcademy talking about:
    1. Who they are
    2. What type of content creator are they
    3. What platforms are they on
    4. What’s their size and engagement
    5. Community building
    6. Why we should watch them
  • Creators are free to make this video in their own way,
    the above are general guidelines for info we would like,
    but they can choose to give us that info any way they
    want. If they want to *show* rather than tell, that’s
    great as well. Be creative, entertaining, and unique!
  • Creators are free to use any platform to do this (ex: Following a trend on tiktok)
  • On camera personality and presence is a must! Game-only entries will not be eligible to win this challenge.
  • Only US entries are eligible for contract/prizing
  • By submiting the signup form you allow Misfits Gaming Group to email marketing material to the email address provided.
  • Closing submissions on 4th October, 2021.
  • Winner announcement on 6th October, 2021.

28th September

Make sure to read the rules, good luck!

If there’s anything you want to ask about the project please mail