What is the Misfits Creator Fund?
We love big ideas, and we want to bring big ideas to life, which is why we’re launching the Misfits Creator Fund. We are looking to partner with creators with big project ideas but need extra help to get their ideas off the ground. We are looking for projects that are innovative, creative, ambitious, and sustainable. This can be anything from events to content to consumer products. We want to find creators with excellent ideas that share the same values as MGG.

Our Approach

We know creators have some of the best ideas and often don’t have the resources or support to bring their visions to life. By offering mutually beneficial solutions and support, we help launch these ideas and grow together.

We strongly believe in supporting creators outside of their day-to-day content initiatives. We provide a clear and transparent business path with varying levels of support and backing from an experienced and trusted esports and gaming organization.

How It Works


Have a project you need help with? Get in touch and let us know what support you need.


Successful applications will receive custom-tailored solutions based on their needs. This includes business support with HR, marketing, operations, and more.


The partnership begins, and we work together to make your ideas come to life with our award-winning teams in creative, marketing,
and sales. We are here for you.

Join us!

Fill the form to get in touch with MGG.


Yes! We’re looking for all types of creators to work with and to help bring your projects to life. Whether you’re a big or small creator, no matter the platform, we want to hear from you.

We want to invite uniqueness and creativity, and sustainability. This can take any form, including events, content, products, and services. Essentially, if you have an idea and want help, we’re all ears.

The level of funding and resources that each project receives will be determined directly with you. Ultimately, we want the project to succeed, and we will tailor the support based on the needs of the idea.

Nope! There is no deadline. The Misfits Creator Fund will be open year-round, and we will evaluate proposals throughout the year.

Our goal with the Misfits Creator Fund is to help actualize your dream. In every project we work with, we will help you stay true to your vision. We are here to collaborate and support, not direct!